UNSW Security Society CTF

Take part in this year's 9447 CTF over at: https://9447.plumbing/!As promised, the scoring site is now released as open source at https://github.com/Nakiami/mellivoraHuge thanks to all participants - a fantastic show of skill. We had a great time and hope you enjoyed the last 24 hours.

Congratulations to the winners of UNSWCTF:

#1 - Team "7449" (The University of New South Wales)
Sarah Jayne Bennett, Evgeny Martynov, Oliver Chang, and John Cramb

#2 - Team "takyon" (The University of New South Wales)
Ben Faull, Steven Fan, and Casey Roberts

#3 (General), #1 (High School) - Team "a" (North Sydney Boys High School)
Austin Tankiang, Donny Yang, Kelvin Xu, and Haimin Huang

Shortly before the competition ended, the team th3j35t3r withdrew from the competition as not all of their members were students, and were as such not eligible to compete.

In the interest of furthering everyone’s education, all placing teams have kindly produced write-ups of how they solved the challenges. They can be found here:
If you wish to attempt the challenges again, you can still download associated files by logging on with your user details. Challenge services are no longer running however, so you will have to set up locally.

You can register interest in future events here. Future events are likely going to be open to the public.

Thanks again to our sponsors, SecurusGlobal and Ruxcon, without which the competition would not have been possible.Welcome to game day! All accounts have been enabled. You should have received an email from us this morning with important information.

Please Ctrl + F5 twice on the page to get the latest CSS. Otherwise the challenge page will look very bad.

Please see https://twitter.com/UNSWCTF for updates.

Click this link to join our chat channel using Kiwi IRC.Welcome to the UNSW Security Society CTF, sponsored by Securus Global and Ruxcon. Australian university, high school and TAFE students are invited to register today. The intention of this competition is to raise public awareness of the importance of security in IT technologies. It aims to create an environment in which teams of students can use their skills constructively to solve security related problems.

The top three teams receive Special prizes will also be awarded to the highest scoring high school team (TBA).

The competition is run online and teams can compete from any location. This site is used for retrieving challenges, submitting flags and tracking scores during the competition. Updates and service statuses will be posted on our twitter account: https://twitter.com/UNSWCTF. Important team-specific updates will be sent by email to registered teams. The competition is open to Australian university, high school and TAFE students only. An email address issued by your institution is required to register.

The competition is set to run continuously for 24 hours, starting at 10am (Sydney time), Saturday the 28th of September, 2013.

Registration closes one week before the competition begins. The scoreboard will be public - spectators do not need to register.

Challenge topics cover and are aimed at students of all levels.

It is not allowed
For placing teams to receive prizes, they must
I'm a noob, where can I go for learning before the competition begins?